The Awards Sculptures

«Who is Who International Academy & Awards (WIWIAA)» is organizing for the 5th year-the Who is Who International Awards «Greece, the Whole World!»


The people who are awarded are chosen by an international Committee of Britishpedia, our Ambassadors, our Strategic Partners and the Head of our Institution after a thorough evaluation of the work, course and morals of each personality!


The general award categories are:

  • Civilization
  • Social Impact of Project (Social Impact)
  • Leadership
  • Science
  • Art
  • Academic Achievement
  • Beneficence & Social Responsibility


What also makes the Institution unique is that each award is structured according to the individual’s distinction. In this way, each person is honored for their specific contribution and impact in the area of each category!


The statuettes – sculptures bear a unique collection number!

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