The Organization Who is Who was founded in Greece in 2007 and its main object was to create an annual collectible encyclopedia of luxury edition in gold print with biographies of prominent Greeks!


Every year since then, important biographies of Greek personalities have been published from various fields. Already in ancient Greece, Alexandria in Egypt and in the countries of Mesopotamia, biographies of important people of that time still known today were recorded. Following a similar example, we wanted to capture the personalities of our era that could work as a role model in the modern world. As a result, we had a magnificent collection of biographies of significant men and women applauded by international organizations!


In 2019, we took the idea a bit further. We decided to find personalities from around the world whose humble character, yet great work needed to immerse
and be recognized.


Thus, the Who is Who International Awards were born!


From July 2022 the Who is Who International Awards is a part of the Civil Non-Profit Organization Who is Who Academy & Awards (WIWIAA)!

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