The organization Who is Who was founded in Greece in 2007 by Dimitris Goris and its main object is to create an annual collectible encyclopedia of luxury edition (gold print) with biographies of prominent Greeks. Every year since then, important biographies of Greek personalities were published from the fields of public life, the academic community, artists, scientists, businessmen and others. In this way, it emphasizes the contribution and importance of published personalities in Greek society, saves their achievements for the future and sets the “human factor” as a milestone in today’s anonymous society.

It is a timeless work of art, a historical and family heirloom, a reward for the best and a real reference work of our time! We firmly believe that it is a tool of social claim! A book of life! But the idea of ​​immortalizing successful personalities has been around for thousands of years. Already in ancient Greece, Alexandria in Egypt and in the countries of Mesopotamia, biographies of important people of that time were recorded, which are known even today.

We have gone a step further by recently creating the Who is Who Club for the Top Leaders in their field which we hope will take on a global dimension.

In 2019, the idea of the awards sprang up and established itself. Who is Who International Awards, is an institution that serves, apart its mission, the opportunity upon networking between international business and diplomatic contacts and the upgrading of tourism.

The purpose of the awards is to promote prominent Greeks and Philhellenes, creativity, competence and ethics in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Science, Art, Academia and Social Responsibility as well as the restoration of morality and redefinition of the globality of Hellenism.

Prizes are not paid or redeemable!


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